So much new..

After a serious buying trip to Sweden, we have loaded the store full of great items for the coming fall and winter. Some really nice wax coats and army jackets – but they go fast, so come quick if you need one!
We’re also awaiting our next delivery from Paris, which will be much fun both for you and for us. Our parisian partner in crime promised us some real treasures this time.. (Exciting!)




In April of 2012, the place was expanded and made better in so many ways, when the sister and brother Hamadi joined the crew and opened up their own “store inside the store”.
Their style is more “rugged parisian”, which is a perfect contrast to our otherwise more Scandinavian touch.

Some designed pieces and jewellery can also be found in this room.


In the early days of our career, we couldn’t afford models (as we, naturally, can today), so we found these lovely young Swedes on the street and asked them to jump into our best jeans.

The picture you find below is a “selected only” from our otherwise advanced and very experimental photo shoot.

Finally….a website!

We deliberately stayed hidden and fairly unknown in our little Weserstrasse corner, until one day, when “the rest of the world” knocked on the door, and we realized – after considering and reconsidering a while – that we should better adapt to it.

So here it is; our website.
We’ll do what we can. So please enjoy, as long as it might last.

Yours truly,

The Let Them Eat Cake crew